Hepatitis C: Living with hepatitis C

Self-help: patients helping patients

The concept of self-help – patients helping other patients – is a valuable and helpful one for many chronically ill people, and it is appreciated by many people with hepatitis C. In European countries there are numerous hepatitis C self-help groups, in which people living with hepatitis C can exchange information about the disease, therapy and other practical questions and provide mutual support to one another in overcoming the disease.

You can find out more about patient organisations and self-help groups in the Services section of this website. Know of a service we haven't listed? Contact us and let us know.

More information is available from the European Liver Patients Association (ELPA): www.elpa-info.org



When there is a statistical relationship between two variables. For example, when A increases, B increases. An association means that the two variables change together, but it doesn't necessarily mean that A causes B. The relationship isn't necessarily causal.

This information was originally adapted from Hepatitis C: Understanding a silent killer, published by the European Liver Patients Association. It was updated in 2016.