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Find out how you can get involved and contribute

We want to be a really useful resource for people working in the hepatitis field in Europe, including healthcare professionals, patient advocates, other professionals working in hepatitis, and community organisations.

We work with a broad range of partners on, to shape how it develops, identify issues to be covered, find interesting news and resources, translate material, act as review panel members, and help promote as a useful website for people working in hepatitis.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to get involved. Here are some ideas of ways you could help us, but we would love to hear your ideas.

Share information resources

There are already great hepatitis resources available in many places, such as patient information materials, treatment guidelines and advocacy tools. Which ones do you use and find useful?

We want to help people find information that will be of use to them in their role, and we need your experience to help us develop a really useful library of resources. Which resources do you refer back to time and again? Which websites do you recommend to other people? Have you produced a resource you think other people would find useful?

We want to hear from you! Send us useful resources or links to

Tell us what you think of

How does the website support the work you are doing? How do you use the website and the materials on it? How could it be improved? What would be useful to you?

Feedback is hugely important – it helps us make sure we do things better, and produce the information and resources that are most important to you. It also helps us demonstrate to our funders the impact of our work – which is vital to convince them to continue supporting us to produce accurate, up-to-date information.

Even if you can only spare five minutes, hearing from you is really valuable to us. You can contact us by email at or use the form on our Contact us page.

Share with your networks

We do our best to let people know about news and new developments, and our services section is helping us to communicate with people working in the hepatitis field all over Europe.

But you are the key! If you are a patient advocate, or a professional working in the field, you will have colleagues, contacts and networks of your own.

If you find useful, or something you see on is likely to be useful or interesting to someone in your network, we would love you to share it with them. Email a link, include it in your social media profile, add it to a newsletter you produce, or talk about it in a meeting – whatever works for you!

We’d love to hear about how you share the information – and if we can help you by providing a news feed for your website, or writing a short introduction for you to share, please email us at or use the form on our Contact us page to let us know.