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June 2020

  • International NASH Day
  • NASH is fastest-growing reason for a liver transplant in United States
  • Bacterial infection of the heart on the rise among people with hepatitis C in United States
  • Cameroon study shows hepatitis C treatment is feasible, highly effective in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Hepatitis C in England: deaths decline but new infections steady since 2011
  • World Hepatitis Day website and campaign materials launched
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May 2020

  • COVID-19 in chronic liver disease: advanced cirrhosis greatly raises risk of death
  • Controversy: Does non-alcoholic fatty liver disease raise the risk of COVID-19?
  • Weight gain after hepatitis C cure is common
  • Short-course treatment for recent hepatitis C: some courses may be too short
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects a quarter of lean people living with HIV
  • New estimates highlight need to step up the response to hepatitis D
  • International Liver Congress 2020 to take place online
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April 2020

  • Liver transplants and COVID-19
  • Fatty liver disease may increase risk of severe COVID-19 disease
  • New resources on liver disease and COVID-19
  • Directly observed treatment for hepatitis C highly effective in people who inject drugs
  • Hepatitis C transmission in men who have sex with men
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March 2020

  • Liver specialists offer guidance on COVID-19 risks in liver patients
  • Are people with chronic liver disease at higher risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Advice on coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19) for people with viral hepatitis or liver disease
  • All adults ages 18 to 79 should be screened for hepatitis C
  • London sets out route map for hepatitis C elimination
  • HIV-positive people with fatty liver disease are at high risk for fibrosis
  • EASL postpones International Liver Congress 2020 until August
  • Epclusa approved for children aged six and over in United States
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February 2020

  • Hepatitis C treatment and prevention failing to reach people most affected
  • Increase in clean needle and syringe provision essential for hepatitis C elimination
  • Half of people who inject drugs in Middle East have hepatitis C
  • 90% of injection drug users miss opportunities for HIV or HCV testing
  • Hepatitis B treatment suboptimal in people with HIV in Africa
  • Medicines Patent Pool and Mylan sign agreement to scale up access to first generic version of hepatitis C treatment glecaprevir/pibrentasvir
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January 2020

  • London: hepatitis C elimination depends on testing scale-up
  • HepCheck screening programme links 80% to hepatitis C care in 4 European countries
  • Peer-led outreach improves uptake of hepatitis C care among homeless and people who use drugs
  • Hepatitis C screening among PrEP users could eliminate hepatitis C infections in gay men in UK
  • How to check drug interactions with hepatitis C drugs
  • Programme provides medical lockers for homeless people to store prescriptions
  • Hepatitis C-positive donors a viable option to expand heart donor pool
  • Egypt screens 1.6 million school students for hepatitis C
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