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Find out about NAM

NAM is a UK-based charity, with an international reputation for creating reliable, evidence-based information for people living with HIV and for the healthcare professionals and community organisations working to support and care for them.

Founded in 1987, the initials NAM originally stood for ‘National AIDS Manual’, a weighty ring binder containing the available information on HIV and AIDS.

Since then, NAM’s users have grown and diversified within the UK and worldwide. We currently publish a wide range of print, online and other digital materials for all communities affected by HIV and related conditions such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, and for those working to support them. We are now simply known as ‘NAM’, although many people know us by our website name, aidsmap.

You can find out more about us on our website,

The hepatitis field is in a similar place to the HIV sector in late 90s, with new drugs in development and a need for independent, evidence-based information to support healthcare professionals and advocacy. We have a wealth of experience in breaking down complex science news, sharing knowledge, supporting good communication between patients and healthcare professionals and championing patient-centred care.

In collaboration with the European Liver Patients Association (ELPA) we founded infohep to respond to these challenges and to provide a reliable source of information about hepatitis.